Wagar Subdivision - Landscape Design

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Wagar Subdivision

When fire destroyed the condominium duplex residence shared by these property owners, they turned to SCA to develop a permit process that would allow them to rebuild two separate residences on individually owned lots. SCA provided a site design that addressed some of the steep slope issues on the site and took the project through a subdivision process. We were able to successfully argue for more floor area for each of the residences than city staff originally recommended as well as certain setback variances that provided optimal building envelopes for the owners. This is an example of SCA working with the land use code and property owners to reconfigure a site in order to best meet the owners' needs. Construction on the Detweiler residence began in Spring 2005. SCA was then asked back to assist the property owners in purchasing an adjacent County-owned parcel, annexing the property into the City, and integrating it with their respective parcels.


  • Residential permitting and site design