Viking R/V Site - Landscape Design

Viking R/V Site


The Viking R/V site is located between an Interstate highway and the Colorado River. As such, the site offered an ideal opportunity for new commercial development with highway visibility, but this needed to be combined with sensitivity to the river corridor. SCA developed a concept plan for a mixed-use Planned Unit Development including a hotel site, restaurant, office, and other commercial, tied together with higher density townhouse units and residential lots along the riparian edge. The intention was to develop this mixed-use neighborhood as a complement to other commercial development being sought by the local community. The site is currently a recreational vehicle park, with a considerable amount of adjacent land lying fallow. SCA worked with property owner's legal counsel to annex the property into the adjacent town and make it part of the town's planning designation of "River Corridor District." Considerable attention was given to providing appropriate access to the Colorado River, while maintaining a transition from the more intense uses adjacent to the highway corridor to more quiet uses adjacent to the river.


  • Major Site Development

  • Mixed Use Project