Mountain Rescue

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Mountain Rescue

Working with Mountain Rescue Aspen (MRA), Stan Clauson Associates and Charles Cunniffe Architects were selected to design a new headquarters and obtain required land use permits for the Mountain Rescue Aspen’s new C.B. Cameron Education and Training Facility located on Highway 82 across from Aspen Airport. The project involved a master plan process and rezoning of the property to P-I (Public Institution) for the 13,900 square foot two story training facility and 45-foot tower. The tower will be used for training exercises and equipment testing. The new building will be utilized to consolidate the organization’s search and rescue operations, training, and provide for an operational base for public safety organizations. A public meeting was held to discuss the project and solicit community feedback. 

The new headquarters and training facilities are made possible by a generous gift from a family member of one of the many individuals that MRA helped in a rescue operation. MRA is an entirely volunteer organization and the Caretaker Dwelling Unit (CDU) provided onsite will be occupied by a volunteer member of MRA. The project team focused on designing an efficient site layout, creating a design aesthetic influenced by Aspen’s mining and ranching heritage, and utilizing stainable building materials. Completed in 2014, this facility now serves the region for search and rescue operations in the mountains.


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