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Heitmann Residence


Located on Red Mountain overlooking Aspen, Colorado, the Heitmann Residence was built over 12 years ago. At that time, very little attention was given to landscape and drainage issues. Outdoor areas were left undeveloped and drainage flows were directed towards the house. Moreover, natural vegetation had been allowed to grow unchecked to the point that severe wildfire hazard was present. Working with Mata Design as the architect and a forestry consultant for wildfire suppression, SCA completely redesigned the site. In conjunction with new decks and additions to the home, the entire yard was redesigned, including patio areas, a waterfall feature, and recessed hot tub. A new comprehensive grading plan addressed drainage issues and fire safety zones were incorporated into the design. Some important features include a dry stream-bed perennial garden, intended to carry water flows away from the house, native plantings at the driveway entrance and far rear to transition from the natural landscape to the built landscape, a central spa, easily accessible from all bedrooms, a lawn play area for children, and a contemplative alpine garden with a swing. Incorporated into many of these areas are boulder walls designed to terrace the yard. The proposed design and fire suppression strategy was carried through a series of homeowner association and neighborhood meetings, securing the required approvals. The project was completed in the spring of 2004.


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