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Frost Historic Residence

The Frost Property is located in Downtown Aspen just a couple of blocks from the center of town. As a historic property in Aspen it contained both a small house from the late 1800's and a barn to the rear of the house. Its last inhabitant, Mona Frost lived in it for a large portion of her life where she tended to the beautiful old lilac bushes and taught music lessons. Unfortunately since the house had not been inhabited for a while, it had fallen into dis-repair. Upon the purchase of the property from US Trust Co., SCA was hired to gain a variety of permits that would allow for the property to be developed in a historically sensitive, yet profitable way. Teamed with Studio B of Aspen as architects, SCA successfully gained the necessary approvals for three residential units on the property. Part of the process involved the redesign of a public trail which also provided driveway access to the site. The accompanying sketches illustrate the intended landscape and architecture for these lots. Existing and original architecture can be viewed in the photographs.


  • Residential landscape design and permitting

  • Historic preservation

  • Public facilities


Pre-Production Design