Buttermilk Base Area - Aspen Landscape Architecture

Buttermilk Base Area

The Inn At Aspen is the significant and only hotel located at the base of the Buttermilk Ski Area. Constructed in the 1970s and having undergone several renovations, The Inn at Aspen was considering a total redevelopment of its property in order to fully utilize the site and meet the enhanced expectations of the ski resort guests. Stan Clauson Associates was selected by the Inn at Aspen Condominium Association Board of Managers to act as an Owners' Representative and permit process consultant for the redevelopment of the property. In order to develop a cooperative project with the Aspen Skiing Company, the major property owner at the Buttermilk Ski Area, SCA collaborated with Design Workshop, Inc. to provide integrated design concepts. As an Owners' Representative, SCA kept the Board informed of all issues and opportunities for the redevelopment process, and worked to create a redevelopment plan that would meet the facility and financial needs of the Inn At Aspen individual condominium owners. This included a more efficient, cohesive site plan that will allow for a new flagship hotel, greater commercial opportunities, and the continued ability to host major events, such as The Winter X Games. The project is currently on hold for an interim renovation. (Graphics by Design Workshop,Inc. Aspen, Colorado)