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Benton Studio Building & Entry

The Benton Studio was constructed by local architect and printmaker Tom Benton in the 1960s and 70s. It represented an important example of Aspen’s post-war architecture, using simple materials with striking forms. As part of the redevelopment of the Hyman-Hunter Street corner, the Benton Studio was designated a local landmark by the City of Aspen and underwent extensive architectural restoration by IKE Kligerman Barkley Architects. To complement the restoration, SCA designed a forecourt entry that reflected one of Benton’s setting sun lithographs. Constructed from granite pavers and marble inserts, the design includes a massive marble bench sculpture shaped to reflect the setting sun. The project won an award from the City of Aspen Historic Preservation Commission in 2016. Tom Benton’s work has been catalogued by Daniel Joseph Watkins in his book thomas w. benton: artist|activist (Peoples Press, 2011).


  • Historic Preservation

  • Site Sculpture

  • Land Use Permit Process